Win at every step of the New Digital Road to the Sale.

The Game Has Changed

The Road to the Sale no longer starts in your dealership. With consumers visiting only 1.3 dealerships in person after visiting hundreds online, the new Digital Road to the Sale is where your dealership wins or loses these days.

The MAX Digital Marketing System

The MAX Digital Marketing System empowers dealers with the capabilities to thrive in this new game. It’s no longer enough to get your cars online; to have a good website; to have an internet department. Successful dealers are rebuilding their businesses around the Digital Road to the Sale and the MAX Digital Marketing System is the foundation they are building off of.

The New MAX Digital Marketing System includes:


MAX For Website

MAX Mobile Showroom

MAX Sales Tools

MAX Digital Optimization Engine

The Data Platform Powering All MAX Consumer Tools

There are no salesmen on the New Digital Road to the Sale leaving your vehicles on their own to “sell themselves” at every step of the way. The MAX Digital Optimization Engine is the data platform powering all MAX consumer tools, identifying virtually everything from across the Internet that is likely to attract, persuade and close consumers considering any of your cars. MAX then optimizes it for maximum effectiveness at each step of the way.


Win Over More Customers on 3rd Party Sites

The Digital Road to the Sale typically starts on manufacturer or third party sites. Are your digital vehicles positioned to "sell themselves" in a sea of hundreds of other dealers' cars? MAX Ad ensures that your vehicle ads answer the questions consumers are asking so you are more likely to win them over to your dealership website and dealership.

MAX for Website

Bring Closing Power to Your Website

MAX for Website brings the power of MAX to help ensure that your website visitors convert into visitors to your dealership. With consumers spending months online deciding what to buy and where to buy it, you want to be sure to have MAXimum closing power when they get to your website.

MAX Mobile Showroom

Make your Sales Team Product Experts on Every Car

After 4-5 months of online research, the internet consumer has become the pro – its not uncommon for dealerships to find that consumers end up knowing more than their salesman about the particular car and what the market is for that car.

How can MAX help? Through the cornerstone product in the MAX suite – the MAX Mobile Showroom.

MAX Mobile Showroom can make every salesmen on your lot an instant expert on any car on your lot with the swipe of a QR code. In addition to empowering your team to speak the consumer’s language, Mobile Showroom provides Gen X and Gen Y friendly sales capabilities that can help you build the trust and value to close more successfully.

MAX Sales Tools

Bring the power of MAX to any aspect of your sales process

Because MAX dealers are leading the way to the new car buying world centered around the Digital Road to the Sale, we provide customizable MAX sales tools to bring the power of MAX to any aspect of your sales and marketing process, among the most common being:

  • When desking a deal to help build value in the price you are offering.
  • Emailing a consumer when they inquire about a specific vehicle from online
  • Inside the car to serve as an autobiography pointing out all of the high value points the consumer is looking for.

Because we know you have many great ideas and processes when working with the internet consumer you can use this information in whatever format works best for you.

mobile phone

MAX Inventory (for pre-owned)

Accelerate your time to market with MAX Inventory, the quickest, easiest and most powerful way to get your pre-owned vehicles online. Capabilities include digital photos, mobile merchandising, window stickers and internet distribution as well as Time to Market analysis and alerts.

MAX Inventory (for new cars)

Accelerate your time to market by bringing the power, speed and ease of MAX Inventory for pre-owned to your new cars. Capabilities include digital photos, mobile merchandising, internet distribution and Time to Market analysis and alerts.

mobile phone

MAX Digital Performance Analytics

Take Charge

MAXimize your traffic for every dollar you spend online through the MAX Digital Performance Management Dashboard.

  • Benchmark your spend and performance on major third party sites
  • Know where your website traffic is really coming from
  • Understand how consumer use of mobile is impacting your stores

– all with quick and easy to understand graphs and reporting.