The way dealers market and sell cars doesn’t fully align with the way customers shop.

This fundamental disconnect in the marketplace between dealerships and consumers creates an atmosphere of browsing, not necessarily buying. We exist to help bridge this gap.

Are you connecting with the market’s 64 million millennials?


64,000,000. That’s the number of millennials expected to purchase a car within the next five years—in the United States alone. A new study offers vital insights about what the emerging Millennial Generation (Gen Y) is looking for when buying a car. This is the single largest generation in history, lending millennials enormous buying power. Few dealers will be equipped to succeed in the coming years without understanding how to best serve this critical demographic. Fortunately, we have platforms that endow your salespeople and managers the right tools and resources to crack the millennial code.

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More than 70% of consumers use mobile devices.


And 60% of those shoppers will be “showrooming” while on your lot. It is safe to say that you may be among the physical retailers across the nation who struggle with the challenges from the practice of “showrooming.” This demonstrates a clear development in automotive marketing: beautiful buildings and smart branding are not enough to keep the consumer from checking out another dealership. In fact, 3 out of 5 consumers who use mobile while shopping at a dealership visited a competitor within 24 hours.

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95% of new car buyer’s decisions are driven by online research.


Millennial spend nearly 18 hours to shop for a car online. Other demographics of consumers also spend 15.5 hours. From research to reviews to VDPs, today’s customer comes to your dealership prepared with the knowledge and questions that will influence their decision to buy. Are you equally armed with the answers to keep them on your lot?

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How can MAXDigital help?

We maintain an incredible staff of automotive professionals, software engineers, and savvy marketers who all collaborate to understand the pain points of dealerships. And our platforms are built to address those issues by providing industry-defining ways that drive new customers to dealers’ lots and maximize their gross profits.

You’ve read the statistics. You know the areas your dealership needs greater assistance. Now, here’s an opportunity to understand how our Inventory Management platform can help you stock, appraise, and price the cars on your lot based upon real-time data. Or perhaps you want to take advantage of turning your salespeople into product experts, as well as combat showrooming with content-rich ads and directly connect consumers with your VDPs, using our Marketing and Sales platform.

The insights you gain from these technology platforms will help you convert more car browsers into actual car buyers. And if you want to see actual results, check out our testimonials page.

Once you’ve made the decision to better connect with consumers, we encourage you to immediately contact us to start a conversation about how MAXDigital can help you sell more cars.

Mobile Friendly
MAXDigital products are built with consumer and dealer mobile usage in mind.
Customer Support
Our customer satisfaction team is available when you need them because we know every sale counts.
Powerful Admin Dashboards
Our user friendly admin tools enables dealers to powerfully manage their dealership.
Compatible with all CRMs
MAXDigital tools are compatible with all dealership CRMs.
Industry Leaders
Our extensive work with top dealerships across the U.S. has provided us with vital insights into industry trends and consumer behavior.
Proven Results
The MAXDigital Index Report outlines key metrics provided by our top performing dealerships each month.
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