There is a fundamental disconnect in the marketplace today –

The way dealers are marketing and selling cars is not fully aligned with the way consumers are shopping and ultimately buying cars. This misalignment leads to people browsing, but not necessarily buying. This is why we exist.

64 million millennials. . .


are expected to purchase a car in the U.S. in the next five years alone. A new study provides important insights into what the emerging Millennial Generation is really looking for when buying a car. The Millennials, once known as the “Baby Boom Echo” (or Gen Y), are the largest generation in history; given this enormous and growing buying power it is safe to say that few dealers will be successful in the coming years without cracking the code on how to best serve this critical demographic.

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Over 70% of consumers. . .


will use mobile devices & 60% will continue “showrooming” while on your lot. Physical retailers across the country are struggling with the challenges from “showrooming” and are finding that the millions of dollars they have invested in beautiful buildings and branding are often not enough to stop the consumer from driving to another dealership for a better deal. In automotive, more than 3 out of 5 consumers who used mobile while shopping at a dealership visited a competitor within 24 hours.

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95% of new car buyer’s decisions. . .


will be driven by online research. Millennials spend more than 17.6 hours “shopping” for a car online vs. 15.5 hours for other buyers. That includes consulting research, reading reviews, and other online activities. That’s two hours longer than the average person shopping for a car, according to a recent study conducted by

Learn how MAXDigital can help you convert more of your browsers to buyers.

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How do we help?

By providing industry defining ways to drive new customers to dealer’s lots and grow their bottom line. At MAXDigital our unique consumer insights help us better understand the needs and behaviors of the consumer. By building these insights into our technology platform we are able to convert more car browsers into car buyers.

Mobile Friendly
MAXDigital products are built with consumer and dealer mobile usage in mind.
Customer Support
Our customer satisfaction team is available when you need them because we know every sale counts.
Powerful Admin Dashboards
Our user friendly admin tools enables dealers to powerfully manage their dealership.
Compatible with all CRMs
MAXDigital tools are compatible with all dealership CRMs.
Industry Leaders
Our extensive work with top dealerships across the U.S. has provided us with vital insights into industry trends and consumer behavior.
Proven Results
The MAXDigital Index Report outlines key metrics provided by our top performing dealerships each month.
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